OUR SERVICES  have a geographical reach from the Americas to Europe and Asia. Our international scope represents a major competitive advantage enabling us to provide a multitude  of  financing services and expertise to companies worldwide.

  FACTORING (Accounts Recievables)
  "Even Funding Programs for" 

LOANS FROM  1,000 -10,000,000




Since each business is unique,  funding here is like that as well.
​Each business will be looked at as an individual. Your credit score is not all that is seen. Each request is studied for the best possible funding option for you so that your business will grow and be successful for you


Q:     Will my credit score be used?
A:       It will depend on the type of financing you are looking for. In most  cases of  funding options your credit score does not matter, as it will not be used to determine  approval.,  Ex: Factoring,  Accounts Receivable, or Merchant Cash  Advance,  your credit score is not a determining factor.   

Q.     How soon can I get  my money?
A.     For most programs, you will get funds within 24 hours of approval.  It is very important to have your application completely filled out and supply all documents requested to get process  reviewed quickly.

Q .     How does  "Buy Back Inventory" work?
A.       Access immediate liquidity from a short-term sale of your inventory
Obtain benefits related to volume discounts from your  suppliers
Procure inventory when prices and terms are most advantageous
Maintain optimal inventory levels for your  business without foregoing cash flow

Q.     What are the parameters for a "Fix and Flip" loan?
A.       Quick closings,  Single Family, 2-4 Units, Multifamily (up to 30 units)
Short sales are our specialty, Foreclosures, Auctions.  Minimum loan $75,000
Line of credit for fix or flip , up to 100 mil.

Q.      What are the parameters for Lines of credit  Business and /or personal?  
A.       Up   to 50,000  personal,   75,000  to 100M  Business   

 Q.      Do you offer Franchise  loans for start ups?
A.        Our programs are particularly useful for first time franchise owners, and can be used for many different business applications. Get a loan to help you complete a real estate purchase or fund new construction; you can also apply these funds towards equipment purchases, remodeling, or acquisition of new locations. You can even use the money as working capital. We also offer a refinancing program to help you consolidate your debt.   

Q.     Do you offer Commercial  Property loans?
A.      Yes, we have several options .    
Property types:        Mulit-family, mixed use, office, retail, light industrial and more,    Nationwide
Credit scores as low as 550           Quick no hassle 30 day closings

Q.    What is the difference between a  typical SBA loan and a Small Business loan.
A.       For most businesses  , they need cash fast.   A government backed SBA loan  is  great and is for almost any   type of business but has very specific requirements and  takes a longer time   and requires  a lot of documentation, but has long term for repayment.    The other  option of a loan for your  business to get funds into the business fast  has  little documentation  and very few requirements.  The amount for the SBA  would have a higher loan amount.    The amount of time that you have and the amount of money you need  is   something that needs to be addressed at  application.  If a standard SBA loan  is  what  will be the most beneficial in the long run for your company, but your company needs  immediate funds to operate  in the meantime , then we also have the option of the "SBA" Bridge Loan, which is faster and a stepping stone  till the SBA loan is complete.

Q.     With a small business loan,   or line of credit, do I have restrictions on the use of funds?
A.       You may use the funds   as you see needed, for example;   Equipment financing,  Location expansion
Hiring new employees, Marketing campaigns, Upgrading technology, Debt consolidation, Additional inventory

Q      What is a merchant Cash Advance?
A.       Also known as a business cash advance, it is financing based on your future credit card receivables.  Financing is repaid on a daily basis as a percentage of your credit card sales.   If you don't   take credit cards in your business than it can be set up on your bank account. This can be as a set monthly  amount or a small percentage per day.

Q.      How long do I have to be in Business to qualify for  funds?
A.      Depends on many factors.   How much money do you need and how long or short of a term you are looking for among   other  information.  There are options for start ups, if they have a contract  for business or have  receivables   due for examples, or a merchant cash advance   can be as little as 3 months.  There are many variables to be considered  and this is   why your business is looked at  as individual  and unique.

Q.      What businesses are available for  Equipment financing and Leasing?
A.     Just about every business.  When considering Financing to own compared to leasing, leasing in most cases  would be an advantage since it gives the company more cash flow and   better tax write off.
These are things to be considered   on deciding which  would be best for your company.
This is  a great option for a start up company. Leasing will  help build business credit as well. This is a great option for  Dentists and Doctors.  

Q:      Is Invoice Factoring  (accounts receivables)  An Alternative to Venture Capital Financing?
A:       5  Good Reasons A Company Should Factor  or use   Accounts  Receivables instead of Venture Capital Financing
      One of the most noted benefits of factoring is the ability for a company to quickly raise cash when a traditional          loan is unattainable, or when the company is experiencing rapid growth and needs to purchase materials, meet                payroll, pay vendors and cover other operating expenses. However, this is not the only advantage. There are a                significant number of reasons why companies should consider accounts receivable factoring. We will examine        five of them below:

1. Factoring is an extremely fast way for companies to raise money. A factoring deal can be done in as little as 24 hours. This can be extremely beneficial for a company that needs immediate working capital or that is looking to quickly expand their operations. It can take a substantial amount of time applying for a loan and then hearing back from them on whether or not they are willing to provide a company with the money needed. A business does not normally have that amount of time.

2. Factoring shortens the collections process Businesses sometimes have to wait weeks or even months before they are paid for services rendered. During this time, they might be cash poor and may not have the funds available to grow their businesses or even pay for current operational expenses. Accounts receivable factoring remedies late paying clients.

3. Factoring allows companies to bring in money without taking on new debt Debt can be an effective tool to build and sustain a business. However, it can also be risky, especially for new businesses. Factoring allows companies to receive badly needed capital without relying on an expensive loan.

4. Factoring can be a great option for companies having trouble qualifying for a bank loan Getting a business loan has always been challenging. Today, it is even tougher because banks are holding on tighter than ever to their money. If a company has not been in business very long or has had problems repaying loans in the past, the likelihood they will be able to receive a bank loan is pretty small. In this case, a good alternative would be for a company to use factoring services.

5. Factoring can help companies that have no collection department or an understaffed one For small businesses that don’t have a collection department or adequate personnel, a factoring company can provide a much needed service. Factoring can provide them with what they need (money) to survive and/or expand by advancing money for their invoices and then collecting on them. The seller will obviously have to pay for these services, but it is well worth it for many businesses.

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